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Dragi colegi,
Avem placerea de a va invita sa luati parte la cea de a Va editie a conferintei GastroMarathon, ce va avea loc in perioada 17-18 noiembrie 2023, la hotel Crowne Plaza.
Va asteptam alaturi de noi!
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Folositi cautarea dupa zi, sala, titlu, lector

Orar Sala Titlu Lector
08:30-09:00   S1
Welcome and introductions
Chairs: Bogdan Mateescu, Viorel Jinga, Călin Liviu Oltean
08:30-17:30   S1
Day 1  - 17 nov. 2023 CROWN BALLROOM 
09:00-10:00   S1
Interactive case-based debates:  
1. EUS-based staging of bilio-pancreatic neoplasms
2. Endotherapy in chronic pancreatitis (M.Barthet)
3. Polypectomy techniques – ESD case (A.Voiosu) 
Chairs: Andrea Tringali, Adrian Săftoiu, Octav Ginghină, Cristiana Popp, Gabriel Constantinescu, Ofelia Moșteanu, Iuliana Pantelimon
10:00-10:30   S1
The role of the bilio-pancreatic endoscopist in the multidisciplinary oncology team 
Marc Barthet
10:30-10:45   S1
TEMCO Symposium
Getting the best out of your endoscope – improving diagnostic techniques - A. Haidar
Chairs: Bogdan Mateescu, Marcel Tantau, Mariana Jinga
10:45-11:05   S1
EUS-guided gallbladder drainage: tips and tricks for a safe procedure
Alberto Larghi
11:05-11:40   S1 Coffee break
11:40-13:00   S1
Interactive case-based debates:
1. Hybrid approaches to advanced procedure endoscopy meets interventional radiology and surgery (E. Dumea,O.Ginghina)
2. Endotherapy for achalasia – starting a POEM program (A.Voiosu, M.Barthet)
3. ERCP for hilar strictures -COMBO RFA case (T.Voiosu)
Chairs: Marc Barthet, Giulio Antonelli, Vlad Croitoru, Mugur Grasu, Daniela Tabacelia, Andrei Voiosu, Marcel Tantau
13:00-13:20   S1 Building a solid foundation: training in basic endoscopy techniques Giulio Antonelli
13:20-13:40   S1
Training in EUS – challenges and opportunities for the young endoscopist
Katarzyna Pawlak
13:40-14:40   S1
Lunch Break
14:40-15:10   S1 CBD Stone management: from simple to complex. Istvan Hritz
15:10-16:10   S1
Interactive case-based debates:
1. Small-bowel endoscopy – diagnostic and therapeutic applications (B. Busuioc)
2. Endohepatology - management of esophageal and gastric varices (B. Ungureanu)
3. IPMN in the bile duct – innovative approach – (A.Tringali)
Chairs: Istvan Hritz, Katarzyna Pawlak, Eugen Dumitru, Lucian Negreanu, Vasile Sandru, Theodor Voiosu
16:10-16:40   S1
Training models for advanced endoscopic procedures: how to shorten the learning curve 
Andrea Tringali
16:40-17:00   S1
Boston Scientific Symposium – best case from the audience - Don’t judge a cholangiocarcinoma by it’s first stricture. Incidental IPMN-B discovery (C. Paun, B.Busuioc, C.Mocanu)
Chairs: Bogdan Mateescu, Marcel Tantau, Cristian Gheorghe
17:00-17:30   S1
Breakout sessions - Orhideea Hall I, Orhideea Hall II
08:30-17:30   S1
Day 2  -  18 nov. 2023  CROWN BALLROOM 
08:30-09:00   S1
Breakout sessions - Orhideea Hall I, Orhideea Hall II
09:00-09:20   S1
Ewopharma Symposium
IBD in a nutshell: From basic science to clinical practice (M. State)
Chairs: Bogdan Mateescu, Cristiana Popp, Bianca Galateanu
09:20-10:40   S1
Case-based debate in IBD:
1. Endotherapy in inflammatory bowel disease-related complications(B.Mateescu)
2.Extensive small-bowel disease and severe malnutrition: successful medical and surgical approach ( O.Stanciulea, C.Gheorghe, L.Gheorghe)
3. Surgery for Crohn’s disease: choosing the right time! (M.State, A.Vacarasu, M.Zamfir)
4. Applications of intestinal ultrasound in management of IBD (M.Rimbaș)
Chairs: Traian Dumitrascu, Vasile Bințințan, Marian Forminte, Theodor Voiosu, Andrei Haidar
10:40-10:55   S1
Stada Symposium
Adalimumab in IBD'23: Like riding a bike
Andrei Voiosu
10:55-11:30   S1 Coffee break
11:30-11:50   S1
State of the art lecture (IV): When to scope your patient with inflammatory bowel disease ?
Vasile Bințințan
11:50-13:00   S1
Cases from the audience:
• Esophageal epidermoid metaplasia: an unusual and peculiar underdiagnosed manifestation of lichen planus (A.Ondu,C.Tudor,A.Ene, G.Becheanu)
•Primary duodenal extranodal MALT lymphoma - execeptional locatization of a rare entity (D.Enea, G.Becheanu, I.Bancila)
•Unusual Beginning of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (A.Trandafir, L.Alexandrescu, E.Dina, R.Sora)
Chairs: Cristian Gheorghe, Mariana Jinga, Bogdan Ungureanu, Ofelia Moșteanu, Cristiana Popp, Mihai Rimbaș
13:00-13:15   S1
Janssen Symposium
The journey of a diamond: from raw to polished.
Bogdan Mateescu
13:15-14:15   S1 Lunch break
14:15-14:30   S1
Pfizer Symposium 
Small molecule/big choices: tofacitinib in clinical practice
Theodor Voiosu
14:30-15:30   S1
Cases from the audience:
•Pseudomembranous colitis: do not always blame Clostridium difficile (D.Enea, G.Becheanu, A.Dimitriu)
• Dysphagia in the young patient - Eosinophilic Esophagitis or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease? (F.Almarii, G.Becheanu, F.Giuroiu,A.Haidar)
•Parasitic infections and biliary obstruction: Alien vs. Predator
(C.Marin,B.Busuioc, C.Mocanu)
Chairs: Eugen Dumitru, Lucian Negreanu, Bogdan Mateescu, Cristian Tieranu, Andrei Haidar
15:30-16:00   S1
State of the art lecture (V): Management of fistulizing Crohn’s disease
Michael Chiorean
16:00-16:40   S1
Tandem talk: Imaging modalities in IBD
The role of cross-sectional imaging
The role of abdominal ultrasound
Mugur Grasu, Zeno Sparchez
16:40-17:00   S1
Best IBD abstract award: Changes in Patient-Reported Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) patients during COVID pandemic: Result from a dedicated IBD centre (M.Cozma, T.Spataru, L.Negreanu)
Chairs: Bogdan Mateescu, Lucian Negreanu
17:00-17:15   S1
Celltrion Healthcare Symposium
Switching to a subcutaneus biosimilar- Fast and Furious! 
Farid Rouhani
17:15-17:30   S1 Closing remarks Bogdan Mateescu
Orar Sala Titlu Lector
08:00-17:30   S2
Day1  -  17 nov. 2023 Orhideea I Hall
11:05-11:40   S2
Young endoscopist corner: I want to train abroad! 
Chairs: G.Antonelli, K.Pawlak, A.Voiosu, C.Diaconu, M.Birligea, D.Tabacelia, M.Ifrim, I.Hritz
13:40-14:40   S2
Young endoscopist corner: I want to train in Romania!
Chairs: O.Mosteanu, A. Dumitru, T.Voiosu, V.Sandru, T. Georgescu, C.Nedelcu
17:00-17:30   S2

Breakout sessions – coffee with the experts

Improve your endoscopic management of bilio-pancreatic disease:
Chairs: Marc Barthet, Istvan Hritz, Andrea Tringali, Ofelia Mosteanu, Vlad Croitoru, Theodor Voiosu, Mihai Rimbaș
08:00-17:30   S2
Day 2  -  18 nov. 2023 Orhideea I Hall
08:30-09:00   S2
Breakout sessions (IBD): Coffee with the experts   with the support of Bristol Myers Squibb
Advanced therapies in IBD. Teaching an old dog new tricks?
Chairs: Raluca Prodan, Eugen Dumitru, Bogdan Mateescu
Orar Sala Titlu Lector
08:00-17:30   S3
Day 1  -  17 nov. 2023 - Orhideea II Hall
11:05-11:40   S3
Exhibition 1 : Endoscopic accessories - Boston Scientific 
13:40-14:40   S3
Exhibition 2: Endoscopes and accessories - Olympus 
17:00-17:30   S3
Breakout sessions – coffee with the experts
Improve your management of colo-rectal polyps
Chairs:Giulio Antonelli, Katarzyna Pawlak, Andrei Voiosu, Cristian Nedelcu, Marius Zamfir, Bogdan Mateescu, Cristian Nedelcu
08:00-17:30   S3
Day 2  -  18 nov. 2023 Orhideea II Hall
08:30-09:00   S3
Breakout sessions (IBD): Coffee with the experts  with the support of TAKEDA ROMANIA
Welcome to the new age – genetics, nutrition, fertility, postoperative complications 
Chairs: Zeno Sparchez, Vasile Bințințan, Theodor Voiosu
10:55-11:00   S3
Young researchers corner: I want to get involved in GI research: CONTINUITY, CLEAN AZ, COMBO RFA
Chairs: Andrei Voiosu, Monica State, Theodor Voiosu, Iuliana Pantelimon, Eduard Dumea, Vlad Croitoru, Claudia Diaconu, Bianca Galateanu


Bristol Myers
Sunwave Pharma
Vifor Pharma


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